Hydronamic Auto Shut-Off Valve. 1/4" Quick Connect


This Automatic Shut-Off (ASO) valve comes with 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings to make installation quick and easy.

Can be used on most standard Reverse Osmosis Systems.

You will notice that two of the fittings are marked with an "IN" and "OUT". The "IN" is the High Pressure side from the prefilters. The "OUT" connects to the Inlet to the Membrane Housing (The end of the Membrane Housing with only one water line.)

The other two fittings may be marked with "TANK" and "TANK". They may not have any markings at all. This is the Low Pressure or Product Water side. Either one of these fittings can be used as the inlet or outlet.

Connect the outlet from the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing (On the end with TWO water connections, the outlet is the fitting in the center) to one of these fittings. The other fitting connects to the water line going to the storage tank.

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  • Model: ASV-100JG
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