Omnipure 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter. - Made In USA


For over 30 years Omnipure has been one of the leaders in water filters. This Omnipure 10 Micron Carbon Block filter offers a 10,000 gallon chlorine removal capacity to protect TFC RO membranes from the damaging effects of chlorine as well as making the water taste better.

Allpure CF-4000,
Aquacheck RO-15TFC RO-25TFC RO-36TFC RO-45TFC,
Aqua Flo, E24TFC-2, E50TFC-2, 26084, 26196
Avantapure APPRO-50, B&R Ultima Water,
Biomaster RO-40001-36 RO-40001-50 CB-67010,
Bruner DWS-2,
Challenger 280-01A,
Clean World Water CWW1-T, CWW3-T, CWW4-T, CWW5-T, CWW-324,
DuPage TS3T TS4T,
Ecowater ECO-435 ECO-550 7173838,
Farris ROS4 ROS4-3 ROS5 FCCTO10X1, PJD 5000,
Rainsoft, 9757, 9339, 9591, 9596, 9598, UF-22, UF-50,
Sears, Kenmore, UltraFilter 100, 42.34373, WRI, 80-1135, 70-F109009, WRI-5,
Waterlink, ROKIT,
Water-Safe RO-15TFC, Ro-25TFC, RO-36TFC, RO-45TFC

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