Product Suitability and Compatibility

All information presented is based on data believed to be reliable. This information is not to be considered a warranty of any kind. Where possible, we offer Original OEM parts.

The use of the word "COMPATIBLE" means that the filter or part will work with another device or system without modification. In other words, that the filter or part will fit. This does not mean that it is a comparable replacement. Using the word "COMPARABLE" would indicate that a Comparison was made against the original filter or part and that the filter or part was LIKE or SIMILAR to the original filter or part in performance and/or specifications. makes no comparison to original OEM filters and parts nor do we make any specific performance claims unless so noted. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any product, the merchantability or fitness thereof. Purewater 4u of Las Vegas, Inc. shall in no event be responsible for consequential damages of any nature or amount.

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