Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Limitation of Liability:
Seller makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied concerning water treatment products offered for sale, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Seller's maximum obligation for water treatment products shall be limited solely to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of product if defective minus shipping charges. Determination of suitability of product for uses and applications contemplated by Buyer shall be at the sole responsibility of Buyer. Purchase of products offered by Purewater 4U constitutes Buyer's acceptance of this Limited Liability. Obviously, cannot be held responsible for damage to filters and/or other parts due to improper installation by the customer. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that proper filter change instructions are followed.

COPYRIGHT is a trademark of Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. Proprietary contents contained herein are the sole property of and Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc. and may not be reprinted, reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission. Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc., grants permission to electronically copy and to print hard copy portions of this site for the sole purpose of placing an order with or through, or using this site as a shopping resource. Any other use of materials on this site, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication, without prior written permission from Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc. is strictly prohibited. Copyright © 2000 - 2021. Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc. Las Vegas, NV, USA. All rights reserved.

All information presented is based on data believed to be reliable. This information is not to be considered a warranty of any kind. Where possible, we offer Original OEM parts. The use of the word "COMPATIBLE" means that the filter or part will work with another device or system without modification. In other words, that the filter or part will fit. This does not mean that it is a comparable replacement. Using the word "COMPARABLE" would indicate that a Comparison was made against the original filter or part and that the filter or part was LIKE or SIMILAR to the original filter or part in performance and/or specifications. makes no comparison to original OEM filters and parts nor do we make any specific performance claims unless so noted. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any product, the merchantability or fitness thereof. Purewater 4u of Las Vegas, Inc. shall in no event be responsible for consequential damages of any nature or amount.

Acceptance of delivery of any product constitutes purchaser's acceptance of this agreement and subjects purchaser to its contents. Any purchaser of merchandise from Purewater 4U of Las Vegas, Inc. pursuant to this Internet advertisement agrees that any and all claims and controversies regarding the sale of merchandise to said purchaser(s) shall be subject solely to the jurisdiction of the Court of the State of Nevada.

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