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Filter Replacement As Easy As 1-2-3
Replacing The Pre & Post Filters
  1. Open the spigot to drain all the water out of the storage tank (get a container to save the water). wpe7.jpg (7353 bytes)Shut off the system by turning off the water supply, and turn off the holding tank valve. 
  2. Place towel under the unit for water spills. 
  3. Use a filter wrench or by hand to open the filter housing, unscrew it from right to left.
  4. Throw away the used filter, and clean the inside of the housing by rinsing it or scrubbing it. 
  5. "Watch for the black "0" ring inside the filter housing (DONíT LOSE IT!). 
  6. Place the new filter inside the filter housing. 
  7. Place the "O" ring in the housing grove (MAKE SURE IT IS IN PLACE) 
  8. Put some Vaseline or silicon-based lubricant on the side of the housing threads. 
  9. Use a filter wrench or by hand to screw the housing back into place by turning it from left to right (Donít lay down the unit while screw it in, the unit should be stand upright to prevent the O-ring from slipping). 
  10. Repeat the above steps for other filters. 
  11. After all housings are tight, turn on the water supply and storage tank valve. 
  12. Observe for any leaks, if there is leak, tighten the housing or re-aligning the O-ring. 
  13. If you are changing a carbon filter or membrane, you must drain the first tank of water after restart the system. 
Replacing The Inline Polishing Filter
Be Sure To Order The Correct Filter For Your System
Some Reverse Osmosis Systems Require Polishing Filters With Threaded Connections, Others Require Polishing Filters With John Guest "Quick-Connect" Fittings.
Use This Guide To Choose Correctly.

This filter has Threaded Fittings.

This Filter uses "Quick Connect" fittings. Note how the tubing is simply "pushed in" to the filter. 
On Reverse Osmosis Systems which have a "T" on one end, or require you to remove the fittings from the old filter and place on the new filter use a Polishing Filter with THREADED CONNECTIONS. Also, some systems, such as Culligan, require the Polishing Filter to be screwed into the Manifold Housing on one end. This also requires THREADED CONNECTIONS. On some Reverse Osmosis Systems, the Polishing Filter has only the water line going in on one end and a water line going to the faucet on the other end. There is no "T" fitting screwed into the end.
With this type of arrangement, you may use a Polishing Filter with John Guest "QUICK-CONNECT" fittings. 
These type of systems may also tell you to unscrew the fittings from the old filter and place them on the new one. If this is the case, order a replacement filter with Threaded Connections.

To Remove The Tubing, Push the Gray Collette In Towards the Filter and Pull the Tubing Out.
To Install, Simply push the tubing all the way into the "Quick-Connect" fitting.
Replacing The Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Follow "Change Filters Procedures" above steps 1 to 3 

We do have a video which explains this procedure. CLICK HERE

Free the membrane from the clips.wpe6.jpg (3388 bytes)

Use a 5/8" wrench to remove the tubing from the membrane vessel (the inlet side of the membrane vessel, or the side with the membrane vessel cap).

Unscrew the membrane vessel cap off (counter-clockwise).

Use pliers to pull the membrane out of the membrane vessel, and discard the used membrane. 
Insert the new membrane into the membrane vessel (THE END WITH DOUBLE BLACK O-RING GOES IN FIRST).

Push the membrane all the way in.

The above pictures show a properly installed RO Membrane. You MUST make sure that the O-rings on the membrane are properly seated in the bottom of the membrane housing!

Notice, in the picture on the right, that the membrane is almost flush with the end of the membrane housing.

Look inside the membrane housing and you will see the seat at the bottom of the housing that the O-Rings need to slide into.

It is a tight seal and you may have to grab the plastic end with pliers and gently twist the membrane as you push it in. This will help align the O-Rings in the housing seat to allow the membrane to slide all the way in.

DO NOT try to force the membrane in by tightening the cap!!! This will only damage both the membrane and the membrane housing!

Put some silicon based lubricant to the side of the vessel threads. 

Screw the membrane vessel cap back (clockwise).

Connect the tubing to its elbow fitting. 

Turn on the water supply and tank valve to restart the system.

Observe for leaks, if there is leak, tighten the cap. 

Wait 2 to 3 hours for the tank to be filled then you must drain the first tank of water by opening up the faucet to flush the system. 

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