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Some Reviews and Ratings From Our Customers About!


Karen from Palos Park, IL
Thank you for the best customer service I have ever received!  My order is placed. 
Have a great day. 

Steve P. from College Station, TX
I just viewed Leonard's video on how to pressurize a RO storage tank. It was tremendously helpful. Thanks for taking the time to assist and inform people like me.

Hal J. from Woodstown, NJ
I am a new customer and I am pleased that you are using Made in America products ! I installed new pre and post filters in October and a new membrane in November. Just installed the in line activated filter yesterday. I see that the in line filter is Made in USA but cannot recall whether or not the others were. I have a Puro 35 Osmosis system that replaced an Aqua Pure system and I did not like the fact that I had to order filters through a local plumber. I was pleased to find that you offered an alternative without having to use replacement Microline sumps.

Overall, my satisfaction level is high and I will continue to use your products

Donald S. from Overbrook, KS
I recently purchased some replacement filters and a RO membrane.  Since all are for home use, I have done this on a rather infrequent basis for some years.  There is, therefore, a testimony by reason of the fact that I always return to Purewateru to my satisfaction.  I have always been able to readily find the objects that I want and need, the service regarding the timeliness of receiving the items and the quality of the products has always been excellent. I would recommend your company to anyone desiring your product line.

Gene D. from Bloomington, IL
I was pleased to find your site and be able to buy "the one part that I need" and have it shipped with out a delay. Thanks and keep up the good work. 

Daryl R. from Redmond, WA
I would order again from Purewater4u.  The price was right and when I order the wrong filter they helped me find the right filter and refunded my money for the wrong filter. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give Purewater4u a 9.5.

Brian E. of Endicott, NY: Thank you very much for your continued support and timely responses.  Your support is what keeps me coming back to for my water system supplies and replacement parts. 

Amamda L. of Portola Valley, CA: Excellent Customer Service. Your reminders are great. They are on time (more so than I am!) and are not annoying or too frequent. Perfect!  (And now I'll place my order!)

Lynn D. of Lincoln, NE: Thanks again for your great service! I found the replacement filter page COMPLETELY fulfilled my ordering needs! Thanks again!

Wayne A. of Tempe, AZ: Thanks for your great support. I didn't expect you to troubleshoot my RO system. Thanks for all the help!

Phil W. of Carefree, AZ: Oh, and by the way, thanks for the great customer service, on a Sunday, no less. I wasn't expecting that :)

George J. of Elkton, MD: WOW !!  You're great - you just won a loyal customer for life!  The drain was clogged and I put on new drain tubing and its working fine.  You deserve a big raise !! Thanks so much - I really appreciate your help and prompt response !!!

Bob C. of Tujunga, CA: The Natures Spring were for a customer of mine, but I have talked them into getting the Goldline Reverse Osmosis System which was the same price as their replacement filters would have been. I ordered the Goldline System on Thursday. I'm sure they will be much happier with it. Thank you for interest, I am looking forward to doing more furture buessiness with you and your Company. I have purchased some Individual Premier Manufactured Systems Compatible Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters in the past and was happy with the price and their performance.

Steve D. of Greenleaf, WI: I have been very please with the quality of your filters and last time around, you were also the least expensive.  Thanks for your help.

Robert S. of Barberton, OH: Great Customer Service. I will continue to purchase from Purewater 4U in the future!

Edgar P. of Orange, CA: Excellent Customer Service. Continue the great pricing and inventory.

Larry S. of Bellaire, OH: Excellent Customer Service and website. I will continue to purchase from Purewater 4U in the future.

Eugene W. of Kenmore, WA: Continue to keep up the good work!

Bob B. of Montebello, CA: Excellent website! Continue sending filter change reminders.

Jon E. of Vancouver, WA: Good website, good customer service. Keep the reminders coming as I would purchase from Purewater 4U in the future.

Dean C. of York, NE: Yes, I would continue purchasing from Purewater 4U. Continue sending out surveys. This tells me that you are proud for your business and you will be in the business for a long time. Thanks. 

Phillip N. of Chicago City, MN: Excellent Customer Service

Charlie O. of Brewster, NY: Good customer service. I look forward to doing business with Purewater 4U in the future.

Troy J. of Amarillo, TX: Excellent customer service. I can't think of anything you should stop doing. Continue sending notices on replacing filters.

Henry C. of Chandler, AZ: Excellent website and customer service. Glad I found Purewater 4U.

Nancy W. of Oakland Township, MI: Good service and website. I like that you send postcard reminders when it's time for new filters.

Ernie P. of Valrico, FL: Excellent customer service. The email reminders are much appreciated.

Michael T. of Clayton, NC: Thanks for offering wide selection of merchandise with great competitive prices.

Robert B. of Farmington Hills, MI: The filter change reminder post card was nice! Keep up the good work.

Terrence B. of Palmdale, CA: thank you very much ----- got the filters and installed today. Everything works great.

Tim C. of Mission Hills, CA: Just wanted to thank you for all your help! I received the filters on Saturday. I have your website added to my favorites list. Thanks again!


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